How to Create a Free Blog and Make Money in India?

Having a blog is a very good thing because someone can share anything on the Internet through a blog. If you want to earn some money through a blog, then that is also possible. We will give you some tips and complete guidance related to How to create a free blog and make money in India in this article.

There are many such blogging platforms on the Internet, from which you can create your own blog. I will always suggest that you create your blog on using your own domain name and web hosting.

If you are a blogger then you will know that self-hosted WordPress blogs are the best blogging platform in comparison to free blogging platforms like (  and

When a new blogger wants to start blogging, he does not want to invest in blogging as a new blogger, which is completely reasonable in away.

There are many such blogging platforms on the Internet that offer people to create new blogs for free.

If you are thinking of creating a simple free blog, then, in that case, and will be the best option for you.

Once you have a great experience of blogging, after that you can be more professional by shift your blog on a self-hosted WordPress blog.

BlogSpot is a very popular free blogging platform.

What is Blogspot?

This post is for those who are new in blogging and want to start blogging by creating a free blog.

In this post, I will give you complete information about how to make a free blog on BlogSpot. You can learn about the basic things of blogging by creating a free blog on BlogSpot.

Before making a free blog on Blogspot, you should know a few things.

  1. BlogSpot is a blogging platform and runs by Google. BlogSpot gives you an opportunity to create a free blog.
  2. Images used in BlogSpot are hosted on Picasa. Picasa is also a part of Google.
  3. f your goal is to earn money through a blog, then I would recommend that you create your blog on WordPress. Creating a blog on WordPress is very easy. You can create your blog on WordPress very easily.

Step by Step Guide to Create Free Blog on BlogSpot

To create a free blog on BlogSpot, first, you have to search by writing in your browser.

When you come to the homepage of, then login with your Gmail account there. After login on to, you will see the option of “new blog” at one place there. You have to click on the “new blog”.

After clicking on the new blog, a second page will open. And on that page, he will ask you 3 things.

  1. Title
  2. Address
  3. Template
Create New Blog on Blogger

Create New Blog on Blogger

In the column titled “Title”, you will have to write the title of your blog like- “Tryootech- Always Awesome Blogpost”.

You have to write the title of your blog according to the topic of your blog. You should write the title of your blog related to the topic on which you are making your blog.

“Address” is in a way the URL of your blog.

The URL of your blog and opening your blog will show the same URL in the browser. You can make your blog better than a free blog by registering a brand new domain name according to the topic of your blog. To register a new domain, you have to pay 700-900Rs a year.

Buy a Domain Name From Bigrock and GoDaddy

In “Template” you can choose any Template. You can also change your Template later and upload any other Template according to your choice.

After doing all these three things, click on “Create Blog”.

Congratulations. Your new blog has been created. But still, your work is not finished.

Basic settings of Blogspot Blog

After creating the Free Blogspot blog, you have to set some settings.

After creating the Free Blogspot blog, you will come to the dashboard of BlogSpot where you will see the backend of your blog. For this, go to “Settings” and click on improve your blog’s visibility and change.

After doing this, you will see a screenshot like this.

Blogger Dashboard

Blogger Dashboard

Now you can start writing your first blog post by clicking on Posts> New post to write a post on your new blog.

Before writing your first blog post, I would advise you to go to the dashboard of your Blogspot and click on Pages. Go to “Pages” and create the necessary pages of your blog like – About, Contact, Privacy Policy, etc.

The most important thing that needs to be done in your blog is that you change the default template of your blog and upload a nice and good looking template. So that your blog looks better.

In the Blogspot blog, you can change your template very easily. For that, you have to go to Settings> Template and click on “backup or upload”, after that you can upload any good blogger template according to you.

Blogger Theme Upload Option

Blogger Theme Upload Option

Now you need to add a logo to your free blog. To add a logo to the Blogspot blog, first of all, go to the dashboard of Blogspot and click on “Layout”. After clicking on the layout you will see a header option above. You can add a logo to your blog by clicking on it.


When your blog is fully setup, then you can start writing posts. When you get some good posts on your blog and good traffic starts coming to your blog, then by making an account of Google Adsense through your free blog, you can also start earning money.

To connect your blog with Google Adsense, you go to the dashboard of BlogSpot and there you will see an “Earnings” option. You can link your blog to AdSense by clicking on that Earnings tab.

Google Adsense in Blogger Dashboard

Google Adsense in the Blogger Dashboard

Note- When the daily 700-800 pages view starts coming on your blog, then only you apply for AdSense. If you apply for Google Adsense on zero traffic then your blog will not be approved by Google Adsense.

In the upcoming post, I will share this step by step information about how to create an account of Google Adsense for a free blog.

Now your free blog is completely ready. Now you can start writing great posts on your blog.

I started my blogging journey from Blogspot and, later on, WordPress was shifted. If you want to start blogging in a more professional way, then you can also shift your BlogSpot to WordPress.

Merits of Free Blog

  1. Nothing has to be spent here.
  2. Hosting, Site Down, Server Error This is not a problem.
  3. Adsense gets approve easily If you serve high-quality content.
  4. Hosting, Bandwidth is not a problem even after increasing traffic.

Demerits of Free Blog

  1. You do not have complete control over the blog.
  2. If all the rules are not followed properly by you then Blogger deletes your blog.
  3.  Copying someone’s content then the system can delete the content.
  4. You cannot upload your own design. Only the design that the site gives will have to be used.
  5. According to your choice, you can not even apply the advertisement.
  6. The chance of earning money from Free Blog is very less.
  7. If you have a blog on Blogspot, then you can earn only from Adsense.
  8. Making money from here is not easy from a free blog.
  9. Advertisement will come on the site on which you create a blog, which you cannot delete even if you want to.

Best Option of Create a Free Blog


This is Google’s service and gets Adsense approval easily.
Most users search Google for reading blogs and because of, its SEO it also becomes easy.
Many of its designs (Blog Template) are available.
It does not have some Control Admin.
In this, some different changes can also be made with PHP Code.

2. WordPress.Com

WordPress is the second most popular free blogging platform after Blogspot. Some people have many confusions about WordPress. There is a lot of difference between WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com. There is a lot of limitations here, you cannot transfer the blog to Custom Domain. Also, you can not put any kind of advertisement. Affiliate Marketing can be done in a blog made on WordPress.


 3. Wix.Com

The advertisement of Wix is also seen. If you have not seen its advertisement, then check YouTube and its add will be seen in some video. There are many designs on it. There are many more features available on taking its Premium Package. 500 MB Storage and 1 GB Bandwidth is available in Free Wix Account. If you want more than this, you can take a Premium Plan.

4. Tumblr.Com

Tumblr is a Free and Easy Blogging Platform. Tumblr looks somewhat between both Twitter and WordPress. Tumblr is being used for Social Share. SEO happens in two ways. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Bloggers are using Tumblr in OFF Page SEO.

5. Medium.Com

It is also a free blogging platform. It is also used for OFF Page SEO. Medium.Com is the founder of Twitter. This is a great platform for MicroNiche. Here the information security of the user remains. But, this platform is not very effective for those who write blogs in the Hindi language. There are many limitations to this too and no advertisement can be imposed. In the future, a self-hosted WordPress site is not possible in the Medium.

6. Weebly.Com

Weebly operates from California. Which has been working in the online world since 2006 But the interesting thing is that in 2007, its name was included in the Best 50 Website. Weebly has more than 10 Million Personal Blogs. The facility of Custom Domain is available in Weebly. No Charge is required to be given for Domain Mapping here. You can easily create a category, menu, pages, and post by drag.

7. Webs.Com

With more than 50 million websites hosted on their servers, we are talking about one of the largest site-building companies worldwide. They have already been around since 2001, starting out as Freewebs, one of the first free services to create websites.

8. LiveJournal.Com

It is also a better option for the introduction of free blogging. As its name itself suggests, Live Journal is the work of writing and reading live here. Here live journal is advertised in the free blog. If you want to remove Live Journal Branding, then its Paid Platform has to be used. It has the facility of Multiple Author, Polls, Callenders, and Comment. Currently, more than 15 Million blogs are on this website. Here Video Upload and Private Message can also be sent.

 9. Yola.Com

Perhaps you have not heard its name yet. It is also a free blogging platform. If you want to create a blog for free, then Yola can also be tried, maybe some people have a question when there is Blogspot, then why Yola? Blogspot is all used by people, something should be used apart from it. There is also the facility of Custom Domain here.


Its Slogan is amazing, “The Easiest Way to Blog” This is also a free blogging platform. I have not used it yet. That is why I will not be able to tell much about it. Create a blog here and share your experience in the comment box.

 11. Edublogs.Org

This website is designed for Education purposes. This website is built on WordPress. As given on its home page 43,78,396 blogs since 2005. This means this website is from 2005 and so far 43 lakh 78 thousand 3 96 blogs have been created on it. If you also run the Blog of Education category, then is an option for you.

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