How to Become a Software Engineer after 12th in India?

In this article today I will tell you how to become a software engineer after 12th in India and what qualification do we need for this, what should we study.

Nowadays, as technology is advancing, the interest of people is also increasing rapidly towards the world of computers and the Internet, there are millions of children in India who have an interest in computers and they want to become a good engineer going forward.

Whether it is a mobile engineer, computer engineer or software engineer, there are many students who have a lot of knowledge in computers Interested and they want to become a software developer but many people do not know what to do to become a software engineer,


How to become a software engineer or developer in India after 12th passed?

The term software engineer is very popular, you will always hear from parents’ mouth that they have to make their son either a doctor or an engineer in which a software engineer is also the chief.

But the sad thing is that most people do not know much about what a software engineer is, what work is done in actual and how we can make our career in this field.

The result of this is that when we do a course in software engineering, we do not understand it or we do not have much interest in it and we cannot do the course properly and after that, we do not even get a job. Whereas software engineer demand is always very high in the IT industry.

So in this very special post today, I am going to give you the complete details about how to become a software engineer and I am confident that when you read this post, then all your doubts about software engineering will be over. It will be done.


Before knowing what a software engineer is, it is very important for you to know what a software engineer is, what is a software engineer, and what their job is?

What is a Software Engineer?

A software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software.

Software engineering is a detailed study of software design, development, and maintenance.

Basically any software is designed according to the user and that software always works well for the help of the user in an entire way, the whole thing is studied in software engineering.

So basically you must have understood that to develop all the software that is there and how to do it properly it all comes in software engineering and when you do a course of the software engineer, you learn all these things.

To become a better professional software engineer, it is very important for you to have the knowledge and skills to do many things, along with this, you have to develop any software, before that you will have much Knowledge of computer languages is very important, without computer language, you cannot create software, so let’s know that to become a software engineer It is very important to have knowledge of which things.


How to Become a Software Engineer after 12th in India?

#1. Do Bachelor Degree in Computer Language

To become a software engineer, first of all, you have to do a Bachelor’s Degree in any computer field like Computer Science Engineering, BCA, Bachelor of Information Technology, etc. If you can do a degree course, for this you will have to study all these things diligently only then you can become a better software developer.


  1. Bachelor of Information Technology
  2. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in computer science and Engineering – 4 years
  3. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in information technology – 4 years
  4. Bachelor of computer science (BCA)- 3 years
  5. Bachelor of Science in Computer science/ information technology -3 years


#2. Learn Computer Programming Language

If you want to become a software engineer, then it is very important for you to have knowledge of some computer languages such as C language, C ++, Java, Python, C Sharp, etc.

Why do not you use any software without computer language For this, you should have knowledge of computer language, so if you are a computer science engineering, BCA, Bachelor of Information Technology, etc. When you do a degree in a course, you are taught all these things in it.

You will be taught many coding languages while doing software engineering. Such as C, C ++, Java, C #, etc. With the help of all these, you learn to make software.


  1. learn c language
  2. learn c ++ language
  3. learn java language
  4. learn the sharp language and Python, etc


3. Make Programming Logic Strong

If you want to become a professional software developer, then for this you will have to improve your logic because it is very important to apply logic in all the software that is made in the computer, then only you can create better software. For example, in computer science engineering, you have a separate logic building course with the help of which you can improve your logic.


4. Try to make software

Once you have knowledge of computer language, then after this you should try to build software, this will improve your skills in coding and gradually you will understand how to build a software What do you want because you can not become a better software engineer by just reading the books.


  1. Practice coding every day
  2. Initially try to make small software
  3. Make your logic strong


5. Apply for Internship

As soon as you have completed a degree in computer science and after that, you have come to build a lot of small software, after that, you should go for a Fresher internship in any company, which will help you understand this. How the software is made and your coding skills will be improved further along with that you will also have experience in software development.


6. Master in Computer Applications

If you want a good software engineer as well as a good salary, then it is very important for you to have a master’s degree in software engineering, for this, you can take courses like Master in Computer Science (MCS), Master in Computer Application (MCA) in Software Engineering or Computer Science, etc. You can study further, you will benefit greatly by going ahead.

Master’s course:

  1. Master of Technology (M.Tech) – 2 years
  2. Master of Science in information technology – 2 years
  3. Master of computer science (MCA)- 2 years

What should be eligible to become a software engineer?

Now you understand what software engineering is, but if you are thinking of becoming a software engineer, then what eligibility should be in you so that you can make a career in this field, in that field, I will tell you through a few points below.

First of all, you have to pass the 12th science class to take a software engineering course.

Secondly, your interest is about computer, only then you can understand the coding language because coding languages are very complicated and if you do not have interest in them, then you can quickly get bored with the software engineering course, your focus can be removed, so it is very important to have interest in things related to the computer, languages, and internet.

If you want to become a good software engineer, then it is very important to have strong logical and analytical skills.

If we talk about technical knowledge to become a software engineer, then you must know all the programming languages like – C, C ++, Java, Python, etc.

In addition to all these things, a software engineer is required to have problem-solving thinking as well as team working skills.

How to Become a Software Engineer or Developer in India?

Now you know how to become a software engineer, now I will tell you step-by-step –

The first step in becoming a software engineer is that after passing 12th, you should take a Bachelor of Computer degree from a good computer college like Computer Science Engineering, BCA and Bachelor of Information Technology who is 4 years old.

You can do any one of these courses in which you learn about computer programming languages like Java, SQL, PHP and C ++, etc.

A successful software engineer is one who has a very good knowledge of programming language, so try to improve your programming language by doing a course.

Also, try to make software yourself at the time of course.


How Much Salary Does a Software Engineer Receive?

In the initial days, when you do an internship after doing a computer-related degree course, then your salary is about 15 to 20 thousand.

And when you have experience in software development for a few years, then you can get your salary from about 40 to 50 thousand rupees per month and after that, it keeps increasing.


What is the Scope of Software Engineering?

The Uses of computers and the Internet are growing rapidly in the whole world, especially in India, the demand of experts who make software is increasing equally as online business people are increasing every day and they need to make software.

However, the programming languages used in software development are updated from time to time, so a software developer always needs to update his skills only then he can grow in his career.

The job of a software developer is not just to make software but to work properly in every situation, it is also to be seen that the scope of software engineering is unlimited.

If your interest is on the computer, you like to learn about computers, then you should start a software engineering course without any delay and definitely, your career will be very bright.

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